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Working closely with 4creative, MPC have completed the final, somewhat cheeky, promo for the broadcaster’s coverage of the 2012 Paralympic games, which starts on 29th August.

  James Walker, Acting Head of Marketing for Channel 4 said: “We wanted to do something a little bit cheeky to build a bridge between the Olympics and Paralympics.”

Following the huge success of the ‘Meet the Superhumans’ spot, Tom Tagholm once again beautifully directs this final film.

  As with the previous promos supporting the event, preparation for the 30” spot had to begin before the opening of the Olympic event. Working to the stadium’s availability schedule, the film had to be shot day-for-night in an empty arena. MPC’s role was pivotal and involved transforming the scene: capturing the crowds; atmosphere and fireworks akin to the height of the night-time closing ceremony; and adding athletes who appeared to be waiting in the wings.  

  MPC VFX Supervisors Anthony Bloor, Michael Gregory worked with the rest of the MPC team to model the stadium inside and out. It was subsequently relit it to reflect night rather than day. Once the stadium was built, the team were able to render the appropriate passes to enable them to have full control of the look. For the crowd inside the stadium, the team used their innovative proprietary crowd replication software, evolved specifically for this campaign.  

  To achieve shot of the Paralympians ready to take centre stage, the team composited several plates of individual athletes shot against green screen. After placing them together, they were then rendered and graded to anchor them within the tunnel environment.

  Other work conducted by MPC included the addition of an airship and helicopter in the opening scene, stadium ticker-tape, confetti and general clean-up throughout.


Creative Director : Tom Tagholm
Copywriter: Claire Watson
Art director: Pablo Gonzalez
Business Director: Olivia Browne
Producers: Gwilym Gwilym, Rory Fry, Aymeric Gauvain, Rory Maclean, Shananne Lane
Cinematographer: Luke Scott
Editor: Tim Hardy
Edit Facilities: Stitch
VFX/Post Production: MPC
VFX Producer: Tim Phillips
VFX Supervisor: Michael Gregory & Anthony Bloor
VFX Team: Anthony Bloor, Michael Gregory, Yousuke Matsuno, Samantha Meisels

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