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Studio accurate lighting and reflection setups for modo

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Whether you just need a quick fix lighting solution to drop a model into or a streamlined way to build your own lighting studio, SLIK will accelerate your workflow with content and controls not found in any other lighting system. Add lights, arrange, tweak light controls. Render. Need a spherical HDR image of the studio? No problem, just drop a spherical camera preset, flip a switch and render your custom high-quality HDR image. And you can do all this while seeing your renders or spherical map interactively using Luxology’s Preview Renderer.

SLIK consists of lighting assembly presets, scenes, material presets, mesh presets, HDR image based environments, instructional videos and a guided manual to help you light your modo scenes with incredible realism.


Studio Lighting and Illumination Kit

30 built-to-scale lighting assembly presets.
24 different lighting setups supporting small scale, medium scale, large scale and portrait studio photography.
24 2k HDR environmental maps.
21 material presets.
5 simple meshes.
Experience Level: 
All Levels
Software Required: 
modo 401 sp3

In addition to using the pre-built environments included with SLIK, you can configure the lights, reflectors, platforms and cameras into a custom lighting solution (including HDR image creation).

Source: Luxology


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