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Creative concept studio Solid recently completed a new music video for “Who’s That Chick?”, an electro-dance track produced by David Guetta and featuring Rihanna. The song originally made its debut last fall as part of the much-buzzed-about Doritos “Late Night” online global music event. Two videos provided contrasting views of Rihanna’s persona: a vibrant, playful one for day and a darker, grittier version for night.
Currently airing online, the latest version of “Who’s That Chick?” is a space-age fantasy directed by Jonas Åkerlund, a Lady Gaga favorite who has also worked with Madonna and Britney Spears. Long-time Åkerlund collaborator Richard Cooperman of Solid handled the edit. In the clip, a neon-clad Rihanna romps and dances in her Technicolor world while David Guetta boxes and watches from a dark and barren spaceship.

Solid worked closely with Åkerlund on concepting and designing unique graphic looks for the video. Their work involved extensive type design elements and animations, numerous transitions, as well as compositing VFX into the footage, rotoscoping Rihanna and the dancers, and particle animations. Additional VFX elements were created by Chimney Pot. 
Project Title: “Who’s That Chick?” by David Guetta feat. Rihanna
Label: Virgin Records/EMI Music France
Production Company: Serial Pictures
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Executive Producer: Violaine Etienne
Assistant Director: Andy Coffing
DP: Pär Ekberg
Producer: Oualid Mouaness
Production Supervisor: Nathan Stoebner
Production Designer: Richard Lasalle
Line Producer: Susan Applegate
Choreographer: Tina Landon and Jason Myhre
Where Shot: Los Angeles, CA
Stock Footage: Getty Images/Los Angeles, CA
Editorial and Graphic Company: Solid/Santa Monica, CA
Editor: Richard Cooperman
Assistant Editor: Carlos Haynes
Creative Director: Jason Ett
Art Director: George Revilla
Designer: Jen Olive Lee
VFX & Sound Design Company: The Chimney Pot Group/Stockholm, Sweden                      
Sound Designer: Frippe Jonsäter 
Executive Producer: Henric Larsson
VFX Company: Uncle Berlin/Berlin, Germany
Senior VFX Artists: Steffen Rothinger, Peter Tornestam, Ralf Drechsler
Postproduction Company: Acht-Frankfurt/Frankfurt, Germany
Colorist/Online Editor: Barbara Richter 
Others: Andreas Restle, Martin Pietler, Sven Bruhn, Markus Wellmann, David Heimerl
Producer: Jochen Binz

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