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Short Animation - The Fox Chef Show

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The talented people from the Toppen l Animation Studio - Romania has made a short animation, a cooking show with a Fox Chef called The Fox Chef Show.

About this 3D Animated short film

Toppen l Animation Studio has made an animated short movie in which is shown a colorful movie that debuts with a Fox Chef.

The action takes place in a cooking show and the focus is on the special guest in which spice in a special way the moment and the whole show.

This project 3D is designed and created entirely by team members from Toppen. All it's started from an idea and after that it was developed a concept, reaching from the pre-production process (concept design, storyboard) to 3D production (modeling, animation, simulations of objects and special effects ) until to the final product.

About Toppen l Animation Studio
Toppen is an animation studio specialized in creating CG Art, Animation and Visual Effects for film and commercials, featuring the entire creative process and integrated 3D production, from concept (script, storyboard, character design) to execution (modeling, animation and direction).
For more information about this short film and Toppen l Animation Studio, please visit the following links:
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