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MPC Produces Elegant British Arrows Sponsorship Film

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MPC Produces Elegant British Arrows Sponsorship Film

MPC produced this years British Arrows sponsorship film, featuring an six foot long albino python and the sponsors logos revealed as tattoos on skin and scales, and on iconic tools of the trade.

Directed by award-winning John Sunter, the spot was produced and created entirely in-house with MPC VFX artists and the Motion Design Studio providing their expertise.

John said, "This was a great opportunity to create something unique. After seeing a number of cool ideas, we decided to play with the idea of tattoos and representing the sponsors as integrated body art. Giving the film a slightly edgy aesthetic and twisted sound was fun to do and hopefully grabbed the audience's attention."

The tattoos are a combination of the models own body art, temporary transfers and vfx. The team utilized 3D and 2D animation to give the tattoos the effect of growing over her body.

'Inca' the 6 foot long burmese python was shot on set with the aid of her handler, and some heated lamps to ensure her co-operation.

Film available on the links below:
Downloadable Film:

Additional information and behind the scenes images are available on request.

Director: John Sunter
Producer: Alan Traquair
DOP: Matt Fox
VFX Producer: Sophie Gunn
VFX Supervisor: Melanie Keyzor
VFX Team: Rupert Cresswell, Jan Sladecko, Grant Henderson
Flame: Hugo Saunders
Offline Editor: Zoe Izzard
Sound Design: Radium Audio
Grade: James Tillett

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