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MPC Creative illuminates Ralph Lauren 4D fashion show in Central Park

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To announce their new Polo for Women Spring ’15 collection, Ralph Lauren turned to MPC Creative New York to create a cinematic 4D experience, this time launching a new breed of fashion show. On the evening of September 8th during New York Fashion Week, a revolutionary runway event was revealed to hundreds of spectators: a water-screen projection that towered above Manhattan’s Central Park fusing fashion, art and technology.

Building on the highly successful storefront 4D projection mapping show in 2010, the film marks MPC’s second collaboration with Ralph Lauren.

“I really wanted to do something big for the new Polo Women’s brand – something set in the city — that felt modern. We returned to Central Park, a place I love, and captured the spirit of Polo with a truly innovative mix of fashion and technology,” said Ralph Lauren.

Together with the Ralph Lauren creative team, MPC Creative transformed Mr. Lauren’s clear vision of a hyperreal cinematic journey through New York City into a 10-minute short film that blends stunning CG with live-action runway performance.

At the helm, Creative Director David Estis of MPC Creative led a large team of MPC artists to create flawless transitions and design the rich visual narrative complete with fully CG cityscapes, artful storefronts, cobblestone streets lined with quaint brownstones and charming parks. From augmented CG set extensions such as the majestic Brooklyn Bridge, to elaborate layers of matte paintings, all told, the film consists of over 13,000 frames. Ralph Lauren Creative Director Amir Mohammady and Senior Design Director Yong Choe worked closely with MPC under one roof at the MPC NYC studio, maximizing their collaborative creative efforts.

“The creative partnership between MPC and Ralph Lauren was a perfect fit,” said Estis. “This is exactly the kind of work MPC is built to do - we have the ability to deliver not only the film and VFX assets, but we also have an experiential team that lives and breathes this kind of work.”

Tim Dillon, Executive Producer at MPC Creative, adds: “At the end of the show, we’re hoping that the audience appreciates and is inspired by the forward-thinking approach that Ralph Lauren has taken to its use of technology, and events like this.”


Production Company
MPC Creative
Creative Director
David Estis
Executive Producer
Tim Dillon
Adele Major
Managing Director
Justin Brukman
Senior Vice President of Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communications, Ralph Lauren
David Lauren
Creative Director, Ralph Lauren
Amir Mohammady
Digital Creative Operations Director, Ralph Lauren
Alexandra Scebold
Vice President Global Marketing, Ralph Lauren
Carey Krug
Head of 3D/VFX Supervisor
Vicky Osborn
VFX Supervisor/2D Lead
Alex Harding
3D Team
Ian Brauner, Jean Choi, Scott Denton, Susie Hong, Irene Kim-Ahiska, Christina Ku, Michael Lampe, Patrick McAvena, Garrett Norlin, Isaiah Palmer
2D Team
Leslie Chung, Brian Houlihan, John Mangia, Tommy Smith
Design Team
Andrew Montague, Theo Daley, Kim Dulaney
James Tillett, Adrian Seery
Billy Sacdalan
Film Editors
Michael Bell, Nathan Byrne, Shawn Harrison, Kyle Mumford

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