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MPC creates CG fruit bubbles for McDonald's

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 Academy, Leo Burnett and MPC have collaborated to create McDonald’s latest spot ‘Fruitizz,’ announcing the launch the new fizzy drink. MPC created the CG fruit bubbles and carried out extensive compositing for the spot.

Tom Harding and Carsten Keller led the VFX team, working closely with the directors from the beginning of pre-production to develop the look and feel of the spot. A combination of shot elements and CG were used to create the bubbles. The grapes and raspberries were modeled in 3D and hand animated to mimic the floating movement. The apples were created in 2D using a mixture of shot elements and CG.
Jean-Clement Soret added the grading for the spot.
‘Fruitizz’ will be on air in the UK from May 2012.

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