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MPC collaborates to create CG storybook world for Nationwide

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 MPC collaborated closely with Director Philippe Andre from Independent to create a pop-up storybook world for Nationwide's new campaign.

Written by Stephen de Wolf, Alex Delaney and Max Wieland from 18 Feet & Rising, the new work is the next phase in the successful 'Carousel' campaign.
'Openness', which launches on 2nd July, features a couple immersed in a pop-up cityscape.
Led by VFX Supervisors Ludo Fealy & Felix Balbas the MPC team worked closely with Philippe

Andre to create a look-and-feel that is a hybrid between photo-real and a paper pop-up storybook.
The process began with Philippe and the MPC team pre-visualising for a week ahead of the shoot. The team also drew-up several concept stills pre-shoot as a guide for lighting and texturing. The actors were then shot against a green screen where the lighting was sympathetic to the planned 3D environments.
With the plates in-hand, next the team set about tracking, rigging and animating the 3D world in Maya. The stylised animation had to follow a simple and linear style, and the progression of dark to light was integrated subtlety into the changing environments. Additional story elements including cars, trains and dogs were later composited in, with the team paying close attention to the interaction of these components in the linear, pop-up world.
Philippe André said “From the pre visualisation to the shoot then to post production, this spot has been a great collaboration with MPC, not only technically but creatively. The team immediately understood it was really the story I wanted to focus on: to see a pop up world through characters’ eyes, to reveal this world from the inside. And of course to keep it warm, human, and never technical. It was a real challenge creating a balance between the real world looking believable in a pop-up world and at the opposite end, creating a world not perfect enough that it ran the risk of looking like bad CG. The team at MPC worked incredibly hard to deliver this spot in 3 weeks and I’m very pleased to have collaborated with them.”
“The work is testament to what can be produced with a collaborate team, working together from an early start point in the process” said CG Supervisor Felix Balbas. Two further spots in the new campaign will follow later in the month.

Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clement Soret added the grade using Baselight.
Director: Phillippe Andre
Agency: 18 Feet & Rising
Creative Director: Stephen de Wolfe
Creatives: Max Weiland & Alex Delaney
Agency Producers: Charlie Watson & Victoria Bennet
Production Company: Independent
Executive Producer: Jani Guest & Verity White
Producer: Adam Saward
DOP: David Ungaro
Editor: David Webb @ Final Cut
VFX Producer: Scott Griffin
VFX Supervisors: Ludo Fealy & Felix Balbas
VFX Team: Adam Crocker, Alejandro Hernadez, Anbarasu Elangovan, Andrej Bloom, Carsten Keller, Daniel Buhigas, Dheeraj Hebbar, Fabian Frank, Felix Balbas, Felix Haas, Inigo Vimal Roy, Ludo Fealy, Jacob Toomen, Jonathan Moulin, Thomas Devonshire, Thomas Dow
Telecine: Jean-Clement Soret

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