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Michelin Challenge Design 2012: the finalists – Part 1

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 The 27 finalist projects were announced by Michelin Challenge Design during the recent 2012 Detroit Motor Show. Below we report an overview of a first group of 13 works. Check back soon for the second part and the official video comments.
Nyx Concept by Elizabeth Pinder

The Nyx Concept is a clean vehicle for private transport with a relaxed approach to driving. The hydrogen powertrain doesn’t use conventional gas tanks, but splits collected rain water (stored within glass tubules of the interior structure) into hydrogen and oxygen via a catalyst currently in development at MIT.
Snake Concept by Liwen He  

Inspired by the flexible structure and stretchable skin of snakes and the appearance of paper folding, the Snake Concept is a transformable car that adapts its shape to the different driving and parking conditions. Among the features are a stretchable front-mounted luggage compartment and the flexible “spine-like” structure.
Neuron Concept by Ian Kettle

The Neuron Concept is a study of a futuristic vehicle based on the extensive implementation of advanced brain-machine interface (BMI) technologies.
The core of the concept revolves is the freeform interior made of over 1,500 superlight nylon strands, each with a piezoelectric shape memory polymer core, which changes its form according to the user’s preferences.
Volkswagen Beach Rescue by Sebastian Toddenroth  

The Volkswagen Beach Rescue is an amphibious vehicle designed for Rio de Janeiro. The main design elements are the catamaran-inspired lower part and the soft surfaced upper body. The vehicle can travel on both land and water thanks to the mecanum wheels and two water jet turbines.
Jeep Unlimited by Geeho Cha  

The Jeep Unlimited 2046 is another amphibious vehicle targeted to leisure activities on the beach, but it is also suitable for rescue operations. The exterior design combine elements of off-rod cars and speed boats.
CALI Concept by Pexin Li

Designed for Shanghai city, CALI, (City, Art, Act, Ingenuity) makes extensive use of flexible and stretchable materials for both the body and structure and the glass areas. The same principle is also adopted for the tires and the interior.
X2 Concept by Yeon-Wu Seong  

The X2 Concept is a futuristic Coupé with a perfectly symmetric layout, which can be driven in either directions by just changing seat and rotating the outside cameras. The four in-wheel electric motors allows it to rotate in place.
eSTEAM Concept  

Created by Maximilian Mandl, Ulisse Tanzini and Slavche Tanevski, eSTEAM is a study of a compact, flexible and affordable vehicle that can transport up to six people as well as large items. Its basic configuration can be easily upgraded by its owner in terms of number of seats, interior trims and battery size.
Shanghai Sphere 2046 by Oliver May  

The Shanghai Sphere 2046 is a study of a futuristic, spherical vehicle for personal mobility in megacities like Shanghai. It has a lightweight titan structure combined with carbon fibre materials and ball-bearings-inspired elements and offers interior space for up to four passengers.
The vehicle has a gyro-stabilized electric powertrain and moves on a special road infrastructure, with access points that can group multiple Spheres sharing the same destination.
EVO Concept 

 Created by Fabien Pace, Armand Herve, Magomed Oumalaev, Anatole Vaillant from ISD, EVO is a compact sharing vehicle with an autonomous driving system and a design inspired by Parisian trends and by the French Touch aspect (haute couture, fashion and fabric, art).
The exterior uses a system of slats and Electro Active Polymer technology to transform the shape and switch from a compact storage mode to a 2-seater or a 4-seater layout.
STACK Concept  

Designed by Tejas Purohit, Kunal Kulkarni, Divyanshu Mittal, Rushikesh Galande, Amruta Ghosalkar and Nischint Gavate from India, STACK is a futuristic vehicle powered by magnetic levitation technology, which can be easily stacked when parked.
It is made of two sections: a rigid shell and a flexible hammock, which is suspended from the shell itself and can b retracted when in storage mode”. The design is inspired by elements of the Indian culture and tradition.
Icehicle by Kyu Han Choi  

Icehicle is a hydrogen-powered vehicle inspired by ice. The concept use an original surface language and makes use of Plantic, a unique bioplastic based on corn starch which dissolves in water, thus allowing a full and clean recycling process at the end of its life cycle.
2046 Parsonal Commuter in Paris by Daisuke Iguchi  

The concept is a compact personal commuter with one or two seats, designed for a sharing car system where the vehicles are “sponsored” by large companies. The designs uses a language inspired and matched by the organic architecture of the future.

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