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Magic of snow for Freeview

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 MPC and Leo Burnett capture the magic of snow with an inflatable twist for Freeview

The spot launches Freeview Plus, showcasing the new system and its content this winter.
The film centres around typical wintry scenes in an English town. In a continuation of the Freeview campaign, balloons replace the snow covered streets and rooftops.

The challenge was to create balloons that simultaneously fell to the ground like snow, and rose like balloons. VFX Supervisor Ludo Fealy said, “We needed to create balloons that retained their natural movement, but find a balance to make them appear as falling snow. We had a lot of fun in the R & D stages surrounded by balloons in the office.”

The final piece uses a mixture of model and CG balloons, appearing as Freeview program icons and characters. Each balloon appearing in close up was individually hand animated by MPC.

Director Noah Harris at Blinkink said, “Shooting this script was never going to be easy, as I really wanted to explore the depth and light that you get with real snow, yet all the snow was to be created after the shoot as CG elements.

What made it harder was the fact that we managed to shoot over 3 days of blazing sunshine, the only blazing sunshine I can really remember all year! When I look back at the offline and compare it with our finished piece its a pretty amazing feat really.Ludo and the team at MPC surpassed themselves with all the matte paintings and CG work needed to bring the script to life.”

MPC also created sky replacement shots in every scene and used matte painting to alter the light and shadows over the rooftops, following the shoot earlier in the year. Many of the wider landscape shots required complete replacement, from stripping the leaves off the trees to adding snow and water vapour to the pavements and cars.

Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative Directors: Richard Robinson and Graham Lakeland
Creatives: Rob Tenconi and Mark Franklin
Agency Producer: Rebecca Hunter

Production Company: Blinkink
Director: Noah Harris
Production Company Producer: Andrew Studholme

Editor: Sam Sneade at Speade

VFX Producer: Dionne Archibald
VFX Supervisors: Ludo Fealy and Carsten Keller

Grade: Jean-Clement Soret

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