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Horror & Comedy for Pam Cooking Spray

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Director David Rosenbaum of Mothership reunited with DDB San Francisco to direct a series of spots for ConAgra’s Pam Cooking Spray. Featuring the Ghost of Meals Past – a has-been sticking around long past his welcome – the series of three spots, “Haunted,” “Sheet,” and “Residue Buddy,” began airing October 22.

Digital Domain handled visual effects.

“DDB had a really great concept – creating a character to embody the residue left behind on pots and pans,” said Rosenbaum. “I saw him as a washed-up stage actor. He once did Shakespeare and now he’s playing a pan in your cabinet. He’s gross and irritating; something you just don’t want to deal with.”

Rosenbaum collaborated with DDB on the script and shot the spot like a horror movie, in a dark kitchen with lighting references from modern thrillers and using minimal camera moves. “We skirted the line with the tone of a horror movie and humor to balance that. These spots are definitely not the typical bright, sparkling kitchen scenes, but the interplay between the ghost and the women keep them light,” he said.

Rosenbaum sought out a character designer from the world of feature film special effects, puppeteer Ian Joiner, to design the sticky monster. “Ian had a really good time creating this character, even sculpting all of the facial poses that Digital Domain then animated,” Rosenbaum explained.

Rosenbaum shot three different spots: “Haunted,” with the ghostly remains of a meal in a frying pan, “Sheet,” with the “resi-boo” calling out from inside a cabinet, and “Residue Buddy;” a Spanish-language version with a different voice actor in which the ghost speaks and moves at a slightly faster clip, and the husband gets blamed for the shoddy cleanup. There are :30 and :15 versions of each.

About Mothership
Mothership is a force of talented directors who create advertising, entertainment and brand experiences. The company takes projects from start to finish using whatever approach works best for the story being told, from live action to full-scale digital production and anything in between. A subsidiary of Digital Domain, Mothership has all of the resources, artists and technologists of the legendary digital powerhouse at its fingertips, so its directors can create whatever they envision; from TV commercials to video game marketing to virtual performers and integrated campaigns that roll out across platforms.

About Digital Domain
Founded in 1993 Digital Domain has delivered innovative visuals for more than 90 movies including Titanic, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the Transformers trilogy and TRON: Legacy. Its artists have earned multiple Academy Awards®. A creative force in advertising, Digital Domain has brought its artistry to hundreds of commercial, videogame and music video productions. The company has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly two decades and is expanding its role into the co-production of feature films, the creative development of advertising and the creation of virtual performers. From facilities in California and Vancouver, BC, Canada, including its own state-of-the-art virtual production studio, Digital Domain continues its innovative work in visual entertainment and advertising.

Credits for: Pam “Haunted” “Sheet,” “Residue Buddy”
Directed by: David Rosenbaum

Client: ConAgra
Dave Linne: Sr. VP Advertising
Dennis Bannon: Sr. Director Advertising
Patrick Brennan: Sr. Advertising Manager
Laura Puente: Strategic Marketing Manager, Multi-Cultural & Cons Promo
Giuseppe D’Alessandro: Global VP Strategic Marketing
Louis Maldonado: Managing Director

Agency: DDB San Francisco
Lisa Bennett: Chief Creative Officer
Sara Rose: Group Creative Director
Frank Brooks: Director of Production
Jess Manning: Associate Producer
Regina Braun: Art Director
Jim Bosiljevac: Copywriter
Daniel Mabe: Copywriter
Kristen Barbour: Account Director
Annalisa Dreese: Account Supervisor
Rachel Arthur: Account Coordinator
Joanne Matin: Account Supervisor
Fernando Gomez: Creative Director

Production Company: Mothership
Ed Ulbrich: Chief Executive Officer
Scott Gemmell: EP/Head of Production
David Rosenbaum: Director
Kim Monaco: Line Producer
Alicia Martinez: Production Supervisor
Dana Paris: Assistant Production Supervisor
Todd Kaufman: 1st AD
Brandeaux Tourville: 2nd AD
Lucas Ettlin: Director of Photography
Scott McHale: Production Design
Nra Kudelka: Stylist
Chris Allen: Location Manager
Richard Poulain: Storyboards

Jillian Bach: Woman - Sheet
Tiffany Elle: Woman - Haunted
Yennifer Behrens: Woman - Residue
Mark Adair Rios: Husband - Residue
Lauren Donzis: Girl – Sheet
Jim Connor: VO Artist - English

Animation & Visual Effects by: Digital Domain
Ed Ulbrich: Chief Executive Officer
Scott Gemmell: EP/Head of Production
James Atkinson: VFX Supervisor
Juan Gomez: CG Supervisor
David Ziek: VFX Producer
Cody Shelley: VFX Coordinator
Ian Joyner: Art Director
Daisuke Nagae: Lighter
Brian Creasey: Lighter
Adrian Dimond: Character Rigger
Rick Glenn: Animation Supervisor
Tom St. Armand: Character Animator
Eric Ebling: FX Animation
Jeff Heusser: Flame Compositor
Niles Heckman : Nuke Compositor
Barry Berman: Nuke Compositor
Dave Takayama: Nuke Compositor
Michael Lori: Tracking
Cody Williams: Motion Graphics
Colin Woods: VFX Editor

Editing by: Colin Woods
Sound Designer: Critical Mass, Tobias Enus
Colorist: Digital Domain, Jeff Heusser
Music by: Critical Mass, H. Scott Salinas
Sound and Audio Mixing: One Union

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