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HLA Films - Modern Times directed by Ben Craig

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Despite the title, Modern Times is in fact a futuristic and visually-impressive sci-fi film directed by Scottish director Ben Craig.
Set to an operatic soundtrack, Modern Times is a CG-rendered vision of the future that ponders how people will watch old movies when they're living aboard spaceships. The film was inspired by a story Ben read about the BFI's work in restoring and archiving films.
Self-taught and having experimented with CGI and other film-making techniques, Ben shot the live-action over one weekend and then spent two months in post-production.
The film has since gained worldwide attention from the film industry (The Hollywood Reporter called it the 'year's first hot short') and subsequently Hollywood studios like Warner Bros, Fox and Paramount are pursuing him for upcoming projects. It has also been shortlisted for 'The Short Film Award' at Rushes Soho Shorts Festival 2011

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