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History of Stereoscopy

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 AICP Minnesota recently called on broadcast design & animation studio motion504 to create the show open for 3D UNIVERSITY, a day-long seminar gathering world-class 3D professionals under one roof. Presented by AICP MN, Minnesota Film and TV, Minnesota Women in Film & TV, and the International 3D Society, the event featured keynote speakers Buzz Hays of the Sony 3D Technology Center and 3ality Digital Systems Founder/CEO Steve Schklair, among many others.
Conceived by motion504 Creative Director Scott Wenner, the show open aptly introduces the seminar speakers and sponsors, each visually presented through the evolution of 3D gadgetry spanning the early 20th century to present day. The photo-real animated show open screened in full stereoscopic 3D at Showplace Icon Theaters to kick off the event.
The captivating sequence begins in the mid-century era of 3D imaging, observing a metal photo-viewer once used for military ground surveillance. Going further into the depths of bygone dimensions, the nostalgic journey reveals generations of 3D devices and techniques: an ornate leather-bound cartoscope; an iconic turn-of-the-century wood-crafted stereoscope; whimsical ancient peep show boxes; classic view-masters and, finally, a brilliant display of red-blue anaglyph glasses familiar to the modern era's burgeoning 3D movie industry.
Experience the "3D University Show Open" in stereoscopic 3D (*anaglyph red/blue glasses required) on Vimeo:
"I wanted the show open to express the idea that stereoscopy has been around for a long time and has evolved through various gadgets, rather than make a definitive history of 3D," explains Wenner. "The animations explore the experience of 3D-viewing through classic 3D devices. The end-result is a visual experience that's fitting for the 3D University audience."
Wenner researched and referenced real cartoscopes, stereoscopes, view-masters and peepshow boxes, utilizing Cinema 4D for rendering, and Photoshop for textures and painting. The photography, stereo-cards and other related imagery were pulled from actual stereoscopes and view-masters found through Wenner's research. For the peep box scene, which theater audiences experience in 3D as if looking at the glass slides through the device's viewing hole, Wenner made illustrations inspired by an old-time book of circus clip art. He then sampled, re-drew and cut up the images and incorporated them into the scene.
"I took some liberties here and there to make each piece work, but for the most part, all of the objects you see are actual incarnations of 3D viewing gadgets," explains Wenner. "For the design and illustration elements, I drew inspiration from each device's era, as well as classic 3D terminology for the fictional branding of the devices."
The concept for the show open was heavily inspired by Wenner's personal passion for steampunk, as well as building and collecting old gadgets.
"Given that the brief offered complete creative liberty, it was exciting for me to combine my fascination with antiques and hand-made technology with my craft as a 3D animator who specializes in making photo-real objects," concludes Wenner.
Title: 3D University Show Open
Client: AICP Minnesota, on behalf of 3D University
Producer: Mike Tabor
Design & Animation Company: motion504
Creative Director: Scott Wenner
Executive Producer: Eric Mueller
Music & Sound Design: Uproar Music and Sound
Composer: Kent Militzer
Surround Mix and DCP Delivery: Splice
Surround Mixer: Kelly Pieklo
DCP Delivery: Mark Abney
Executive Producer: Steve Fait 

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