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"Ghost Box" from Leviathan and Waveplant

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The principals of Leviathan and music foundry Waveplant are very proud to present a new case study video for their ongoing Ghost Box experiment:


As Leviathan's President and Executive Producer Chad Hutson explains in the video, "When you want to prove something is possible, sometimes you simply have to build it. A culmination of ideas once pitched to clients, such as projection mapping a moving object and integrating a Pepper's Ghost 'hologram' effect, are now reflected in a single experiment we call Ghost Box. Using projectors housed in a portable enclosure and providing control by a tablet or phone, our team sought to demonstrate how most any product of any size can be brought to life by projection with you as the director."

First designed as an interactive Pepper's Ghost art installation complete with a musical score by Waveplant, Leviathan then tried a more commercial approach to the GHOST BOX experience by rebuilding it as a miniature car configurator. Users could physically rotate the model car, as well as choose the color, wheel and trim packages, all of which were projected onto its surface in real time. As with all of its projection mapping projects, Leviathan relied heavily on Derivative's TouchDesigner for customization of content and outside hardware integration, while Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects were their primary content creation tools. More technical details are available upon request.

The video concludes, "Such technologies could be used for anything from a storefront window to a large-scale event," and asks: "Now that we know it's possible, what do you want to build?"

If you have any questions we can answer or if I can assist in any way, please call or reply by email. We are extremely grateful for your interest and look forward to hearing from you any time.

DWA for Leviathan
Complete Project Credits: Leviathan's Ghost Box

Project Name: Ghost Box Case Study

Running Time: 1:08
Debut Date: Dec. 5, 2013
Main Tools: Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects for content creation, Derivative's TouchDesigner for content customization and hardware integration.

Ghost Box Case Study Credits
Developer: Leviathan
Director of Photography: Stephan Mazurek
Lead Design: Gareth Fewel
Editor: Mike LaHood
Associate Producer: Kelsey Barrentine
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Audio: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant

Ghost Box Design and Build Credits
Developer: Leviathan
Lead Engineer: Dennis Chau
Creative Technologist: Harvey Moon
Lead Design: David Brodeur
2D Design and Animation: Gareth Fewel, Ely Beyer, Steven Greenwalt
3D Design and Animation: Nathan Davies, Andrew Butterworth
Senior Producer: Lauren Shawe
Associate Producer: Kelsey Barrentine
Print Design: Eddy Ymeri
Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Music, Sound Design and Programming: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant
3D Printing: Colin Parsons
Fabrication: Alfredo Salazar-Caro

About Leviathan
Leviathan is a creative studio that crafts animated content and immersive installations for brands, agencies and entertainers worldwide. Melding skills such as CG, motion graphics, software development and physical design, the studio's artists and engineers have the unique ability to fascinate audiences with visuals and experiences spanning commercial advertising, live events, film, television and environments. Founded in Chicago in 2010 by partners Matt Daly, Chad Hutson and Jason White, Leviathan has garnered international recognition for its animation, visual effects and experiential work.

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