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Footsteps of Progress

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Motion Theory director Mathew Cullen teams with Venables Bell & Partners to create a heart-pounding pursuit across time for Audi that proves progress is more than a philosophy – it’s a force of nature. The :60 cinema version of "Footsteps" started airing Dec. 9th, while a :30 cut-down broke on television Dec. 3rd. 
The goal was to craft a powerful experience that collapses 300 million years of human progress and technological evolution into an unbroken 60-second journey. The spot opens in primal pursuit – chasing evolving prehistoric tracks, as they race across changing terrain. As we gain momentum, each new set of tracks rapidly tells the story of mankind’s natural and technological development – before arriving at the final stage: automotive evolution. Here, we realize what we’ve been chasing – automotive technology advanced to its pinnacle: the Audi R8.
Through Mirada, head of VFX John Fragomeni led the creative team of Andy Cochrane (DFX Lead), Marion Spates (CG Lead) and Frederico Saccone (Flame Lead). The team built upon the realism of the live-action footage -- which included capturing practical effects such as the rainwater-filled footprints and the trailing tracks of a galloping horse -- and enhanced the breakneck-pace and blended evolutionary leaps. The result is a seamless pursuit that heralds Audi as the apex of the phenomenon of forward motion that pushes technology and human society forward.
Agency: Venables Bell & Partners
Creative Director: Paul Venables
Art Director: Jonathan Byrne, Brandon Sides
Copywriter: James Robinson
Business Manager: Susan Conklin
Producer: Mandi Holdorf
Broadcast Production Director: Craig Allen

Production Company: Motion Theory
Director: Mathew Cullen
Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez
Line Producer: Bernard Rahill
Director of Photography: Jeff Cronenweth
Post Production/VFX Company: Mirada
Creative Director: Kaan Atilla, Mathew Cullen
Art Director: Ram Bhat
Head of VFX/VFX Supervisor: John Fragomeni
Senior VFX Producer: Mark Kurtz
VFX Coordinator: Paul Pianezza
Previs: Jeff Benoit
DFX Lead: Andy Cochrane
CG Lead: Marion Spates
Designers: Brian Cariaga, James Levy
Houdini Artists: Kevin Gillen, Ryan Phalen, McKendree Poston
Animator: Slavik Anishchenko 
Matte Painters: Tim Clark, Elias Gonzales
Tracking: Jon Aghassian, Juan Colon, Colin Cromwell, Tim Donlevy, Dylan Jutt, Michael Karp, Candida Nunez, Jared Sanders
Roto/Paint Lead: Elissa Bello
Rotoscope Artists: Stephen Edwards, Megan Gaffney, Meredith Hook, Kenneth Lui, Carlos Rosario, Jackie Shibles, Midori Witsken
Lead Flame Artist: Federico Saccone
Flame Artists: Todd Hemsley, Chris Moore
Production Manager/HR Director: Tina Van Delden
Editorial Company: Motion Theory
Editor: Jason Webb
Assistant Editors: Jeff Aquino, Rigo Madrigal
Music: Stimmung
Mixing House: Lime
Sound Design: 740 Sound Design


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