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Cushelle’s new spot

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 MPC Creative get a ‘whooosh’ producing Cushelle’s new spot, directed by Jake Mengers

Fallon have teamed up directly with MPC Creative to produce Cushelle’s latest fully CG commercial ‘Cloud Factory’. The 30” spot features the cute brand icon ‘Koala’ playing in the clouds, to show how Cushelle is so irresistibly soft.
To help drive increased audience engagement, Koala was re-built from scratch and given a broader range of expressions and movement. This provided a greater platform and opportunity for the character to interact with his cloud environment.
“This was the perfect job for MPC Creative and we had lots of fun with the little character and his fluffed-up fur. We hope everyone else loves him in this ad as much as we do” said Jake.

As well as MPC Creative’s Jake Mengers Directing the spot, the studio also used their VFX expertise and market-leading proprietary tools such as ‘Furtility’ to bring it to life. Fur and clouds represent two challenging aspects in CG –especially fur interacting with moving clouds.
Koala’s fur was created using MPC’s advanced in-house ‘Furtility’ tool – the tool was originally developed for MPC’s film pipeline and has been used for some time in advertising. Two fur ‘grooms’ were created for Koala – his original look, and a new fluffed up version. Furtility allows animation between these two setups with an additional layer of fur dynamics.

Clouds pose an even greater challenge in CG as the focus is building a volumetric shape, rather than a surface. In order to deal with the interaction between the Koala and the various clouds (some moving), multiple tools were utilised. A number of tools were written in-house to convert 3D noise into fluid that was then rendered in RenderMan.

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