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Citroën Lacoste Concept

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The Citroën Lacoste Concept is a design study of four-seater vehicle inspired by the world of fashion and sport, with a minimalistic style and focused on leisure and open-air activities. It debuts at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.


Developed in partnership with Lacoste, the latest concept car by Citroën is a four-seater open car targeted to young customers and oriented towards open-air leisure activities.
Characterized by a modern, playful and simple design, the Lacoste Concept is powered by a 3-cylinder gasoline engine focused on flexibility and economy.
The concept is making its debut at the 2010 Paris Motor Show.

Exterior Design
The Lacoste concept is 3.45m long, 1.80m wide, 1.52m high and has a 2.30m wheelbase.
It features a high waistline, bulging and textured wings, short overhangs both at the front and at the rear.
Among the distinctive design elements are the golf ball-styled alloy wheels, placed in the furthest corners of the body. 
The body is painted in pearlescent white, contrasted by dark blue design motifs and strips that underline the forms of the vehicle.
The front and rear lights are concealed under the car’s dark blue bodywork, so they can be seen only when illuminated.


Cabin access is very easy, as the doors have been replaced by broad cut-outs. To access the rear seats passengers simply jump onto the rear bench.  
The two-spoke steering has minimalist design and can be moved upwards from its normal position to facilitate access to the front bench.
The cabin contains many storage areas, located under the dashboard and within the two bench seats - with sliding covers that echo the colour of the upholstery.
The seats are overstitched in white cotton, with a weave closely resembling that of a polo shirt - an iconic Lacoste design. 
Building on this theme, the seatbelt anchorage points have “necklines” like a polo shirt, while the seats are covered in robust, rope-like cotton.
The interior has an emphasis on bold, traditional colours like white and deep blue.  
The cabin is then dotted with bright - almost fluorescent - yellow splashes in the storage compartments and on the grab handles, which are finished in soft and tactile rubber, with a tennis ball-like effect.
Square relief designs that resemble sections of a tennis net are used on several parts of its body. 
The fairing that rises up from the underbody, at both the front and the rear, recalls the print left by a tennis shoe on a clay court.
The fascia strip on the dashboard serves as the car’s display screen, showing driving information such as speed and the directional indicators.  
Messages take the form of icons with oversized pixels, a nod to the very first video games.
For transporting luggage or sports equipment, the rear bench slides handily into the boot.
The car can also be fitted with specially designed sports equipment, including tennis racquets, golf clubs, skis, a surfboard or a bike.



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