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Brainloop is an interactive performance platform that utilizes a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) system which allows a subject to operate devices merely by imagining specific motor commands. These mentally visualized commands may be seen as the rehearsal of a motor act without the overt motor output; a neural synapse occurs but the actual movement is blocked at the corticospinal level. Motor imagery such as "move left hand", "move right hand" or "move feet" become non-muscular communication and control signals that convey messages and commands to the external world. In Brainloop the performer is able - without physically moving - to investigate urban areas and rural landscapes as he globe-trots around virtual Google Earth. Through motor imagery, he selects locations, camera angles and positions and records these image sequences in a virtual world. In the second half of the performance, he plays back the sequence and uses Brainloop to compose a custom soundtrack by selecting, manipulating and re-locating audio recordings in real time into the physical space.

The performer is represented on the console by an icon positioned at the centre of the display. The commands at his disposal are placed around this icon. By activating the Scroll command at Level 1 of the first phase, a strip with the five continents appears. The performer selects the continent he intends to visit.

This work results from a multi-year collaboration between Slovenian media artists and Austrian scientists. Its author is the Slovenian media artist Janez Janša. Responsible for the BCI application is Reinhold Scherer from the BCI-Lab of the TUG. Brainloop has been awarded with the ARCO/BEEP Electronic Art Prize (category Off-ARCO) at ARCO 07, Madrid, Spain.

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