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BMW DesignworksUSA Metro Inspiro

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 In summer of 2010, BMW DesignworksUSA was commissioned by Siemens to develop the design for a new underground passenger train called Metro Inspiro, that will be participating internationally in open competitive bidding for inner-city passenger train fleets.
Among the features are the door-light graphics, based on the hourglass principle, which provide passengers with vital information on the remaining boarding time.

According to the design studio, “this concept improves the flow of passengers boarding and exiting the train, thereby facilitating an increase in frequency.”
It also lends the Siemens Metro an instantly recognizable face – modeled to inspire trust in customers.
The interior features the distinctive Light-Tree handrail concept, which is reminiscent of branches on a tree.
It includes a large number of smaller rails that provide space for passengers to hold on, while the surface textures ensure secure grip.
The trees also contribute to the particular atmosphere of the compartments, created by a discreet lighting from above which changes in color and brightness depending on the daytime light conditions.

Among the additional highlights are the wide entry and exit areas, wide doors, improved acoustics through the use of Cork Blend floor insulation and a sophisticated lightweight seat concept.
Operators will be offered a choice of seat trims, from contrasting moulded wood to bright colors.
The city of Warsaw has placed an order for 35 trains amounting to a total value of 270 million Euros.

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