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MPC and 4Creative team up again on 4seven’s latest mind bending ident

The 4th in a series of collaborations between MPC, 4Creative and Man vs Machine features a supermarket appearing as a folded world to reveal the 4seven logo.

MPC’s VFX team was involved right from the outset of this project, conceptualizing the best approach to bring the idea to life. VFX Supervisor Chrys Aldred said, “This was a great challenge for the team. Shooting indoors had its restrictions, but a huge part of our job is finding creative solutions to these sorts of problems.”

VFX detail…
The biggest challenge was working out the camera move. The previous idents programmed a camera to sweep over the environment in a 180 degree arc, but in this case the team was shooting indoors and needed to come up with another solution. Chrys explains, “We decided to shoot two halves using a 90 degree camera angle, firstly from left to right, then again from right to left. We then took the footage and spliced it together to create the bend.”

After the initial pre-vis in Maya, the team shot four dressed shelves in the studio. To ensure uniform appearance of the additional shelves in the final piece, the shelf geometry was then re built in Maya. Nuke was utilised to re-project the static shelves and gave the team freedom of movement to re-dress the CG shelves with products.

Chrys said, “During the job the ideas flowed. We needed an imaginative approach because nothing like these folded worlds exist in real life.” The team added details such as an animated orange falling from a shopper’s basket and a gate added to the assistant’s register.
This showed the connection between both sides of the bend, as well as drawing attention to the 4seven logo.

The signage, walls of the supermarket and lights are completely CG. The team played with lighting and perspective to ensure these elements did not detract from the bend by making them simultaneously inconspicuous and realistic.

Agency: 4Creative
Design and Creative: ManvsMachine/ 4Creative
Creative Directors: Chris Woods and Alice Tonge
Director: Mike Alderson
Producer: Louise Oliver

VFX Producer: Julie Evans
VFX Supervisor: Chrys Aldred
3D Supervisor: Tim Civil
Grade: MPC
Colourist: George K

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