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3D Rendering: the future of architecture with Wolf

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The technique of two young architects is a step ahead of the game. For them, architecture of the future doesn’t just stop at rendering, it’s a winning combination of creativity and graphics Architecture meets technical skill and imaginative vision in Italy: Wolf has been bringing their service to architectural companies throughout Italy for years with a tailor made service ranging from creation to post-production of rendering images, 3D video animations, 3D schemes, attractive graphical drawings and web design. Now in a new venture, founders Pierluigi Di Giacomo and Tommaso Raffa strive to bring the tradition of high Italian quality and design to more international clients.

When Pierluigi and Tommaso gave life to Wolf-VA years ago, they ventured into an area that brought them above and beyond traditional architectural projects in terms of visualization. As seen in the name, VA stands for Visualizing Architecture, a term that grew out of their desire to exploit the graphic and creative element that is often missing from conventional architectural projects, making Wolf a high-level competitor in Italy, and now they’re hoping, at a global level as well.

“We’ll offer the same professional services abroad, but there’s a bigger market. In Italy the companies and opportunities are limited,” explains Tommaso. “We need to venture out of Italy and push the fact that we offer a service that is ‘Made in Italy’ but that is customized to match our specific skills to the needs of the client.”

These services include an in-depth analysis of ideas followed by project board layout designs and graphic post-production of technical drawings, all suited to guarantee an effective presentation of the project, focusing on images to ensure the perfect balance between passion and narration.

Wolf has always prided themselves on their post-production techniques, producing perfect, clear images that are able to emphasize the features of the original project ideas. Thanks to these skills, Wolf-VA also produces video presentations that are conceptual, functional and emotional in order to convey their message, something that has always captured the interest of the public.

Garner attention they did at the Padiglione Italia competition where the project entry of the Italian pavilion for World Expo 2015 presented with their 3D visualization services nabbed sixth place. With the momentum of their success in Italy, Wolf is ready to seize the attention of a global market seeking a professional and customized architectural graphical experience from an Italian brand synonymous with exceptional quality and design.

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About Wolf-VA
Wolf-VA is a team of 3D artists and graphic designers with the aim optimizing the presentation of professional architectural projects. They provide customized service ranging from creation to post production of rendering images, 3D video animations, 3D schemes, attractive graphical drawings and web design for architectural companies and constructors throughout the world.

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