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MAX - the plugin database for 3ds max R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8.
This site contains a database of all known freeware and commercial plugins for Autodesk 3ds max

A comprehensive tutorial database site featuring free 3D Studio Max, Maya, Lightwave, Bryce, SoftImage and Cinema 4D tutorials. The site is updated daily with new 3D tutorials being added all the time. provides absolutely Free Tutorials for 3D animation, games and popular softwares such as: 3DSMAX, 3D Studio VIZ, Maya, Softimage, Lightwave, Blender3D

Commonly known as a high quality 3d model store, one of the premier stores of digital asset offering ready to use CG 3d models and an open platform allowing artists to publish and sell their 3d models online.

The CGSociety is the most respected and accessible global organization for creative digital artists. The CGS supports artists at every level by offering a range of services to connect, inform, educate and promote, by celebrating achievement, excellence and innovation in all aspects of digital art.

Elance delivers an immediate, cost-effective and flexible way to hire, manage and pay independent professionals and contractors online.

A big tutorials database provided for free in a clean, comprehensive format.

3D Tutorials is the place to find tutorials for programs like 3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Lightwave and others.

Enjoy the sites daily news on the frontpage, free model libraries, galleries, interviews, articles , tutorials and products. is commonly known as a high quality 3d model store, one of the premier stores of digital assets offering ready to use CG 3d models, and an open platform allowing artists to publish and sell their 3d models online.

The free tutorial video's cover a wide range of industry standard software such as Photoshop cs2 & 3, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash 8 and Flash 8 video, Adobe Premiere pro and more, 22 titles in fact! All presented in a free video tutorial format.

3D Buzz is a company dedicated to providing the world with quality technical education over 3D animation, programming, game design, and much more.

CGArena - Get Attention in the Computer Graphics Community

CG India is an online Magazine and CG portal which provides wealth of information on 3d, Animation, Computer Graphics and Visual Effects (VFX).

Tutorialized is a professional 3D animation rendering and modeling package used mostly by game developers, design visualization specialists, and visual effects artists. Learn tips to create rich, complex design virtualizations, realistic game characters, or 3D film effects.

Coroflot is the largest, most established, most diverse pool of professional creative portfolios in the world.
Since going live in 1998, Coroflot has grown to host over 1.4 million images of creative work, from the portfolios of over 150,000 creative professionals and students from nearly every country on earth. Coroflot users are industrial, graphic, fashion, interior, textile and interaction designers; 3D modeling and rendering specialists; architects, illustrators, art directors, design managers, and dozens of other disciplines. offers 10723+ 3d models download for free . All the 3d models meshes, scenes and graphics in this website are not copyrighted unless stated. You are free to use these models in your projects to generate games, animations, multimedia, printed graphics, web graphics and others.

The Renderosity community is made up of members who have a passion for helping others learn, share and grow in digital art. The participation and interaction among members has slowly built a family and a place known as a "home". The Renderosity membership is a very interactive community with forums, chats, free content and a marketplace for digital products and 3D models.
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3D Resources provides you with 3D tutorials for various 3D programs like 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Milkshape and Lightwave 3D. 3D Models and 3D Textures are also no exception here at 3D Resources. Find everything you need on our website for all your 3D questions. is the leading provider of content and on-line community services for the professional creative computer graphic arts industry. We provide quality content for cg arts enthusiasts, inspiring, educating and empowering our readers. - online since 2002- is one of the largest and most complete digital art resource site of the web, with links to free 3D models, textures, tutorials, plug-ins, 3D & 2D software, photography, and much more.

CG Directory is a free, easy to use links directory of CG related resources and information, plus daily updated CG Industry news.

Galleries of 3D computer graphics, 100's of tutorials, 3D models, 2D illustration, full Web design services, sci-fi, fantasy, Rock n Roll tie dyed T-shirts, CD & book covers, prints, posters, free wallpaper, photography, artists links, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Poser, Bryce & Photoshop digital art by Ralph Hawke Manis.
Infinitee Designs 3D Graphics & Web Design

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Architectural 3d rendering Outsourcingcadworks offers architectural 3d rendering drafting modelling designs outosurce cad conversion in india also with cad outsourcing and cad drafting.

3DXO - The finest 3D Resources

International Web Directory

CADENIGMA a portal for Software, Service and Outsourcing from the area CIM, CAD, CAM, CAE - more exact CAx. The main features are: CAD Directory (CAD comparison / software comparison possible), News area , Classifieds area and an Events Calendar . The contents are contributed from the Community area . Other community functions like profile with picture, friends list, users list, mail contact between users... are available.

Escape Studios is one of the most successful and well-respected CG academies. If your dream is to work in the computer graphics (CG) industry, you’re in the right place. Whatever your specific interest, VFX, Animation, Character Design or Games, all our courses are conceived to teach you the skills you need to get the job you want in CG.

Evermotion was founded in 1998 by Krzysztof M. Kundzicz alias PENdzel, in Polish city, Bialystok. And now, their portal is one of the biggest over the CG world and it concentrates all CG fans all over the world. Since the beginning Evermotion have earned a stable position in world CG market and thousands of customers trusted our perfect quality and brand.3D models, textures, tutorials -

Animation Mentor, the online animation school created by animators, for animators, is a fun, dynamic start-up without the start-up hours.

Animation Magazine dedicated to the art and industry of the Romanian and international animation community.

We are Framebreed, an animation studio from Bucharest, Romania. We offer high quality post-production and 3D animation. is a website dedicated to collecting 3/4/5-view drawings, templates and blueprints for as many objects as possible. Ranging from humans to tanks and cars to mobile phones, the goal is to provide reference material for 3D modelers, scale modelers, replica builders etc. Currently there are more than 36000 images in the collection, which makes this the largest free collection on the internet

  With Carbonmade, you can manage your online portfolio with a variety of tools that allow you to change how you display your work. The core idea behind the design of Carbonmade is to keep your images or video at the forefront.

Mining Jobs online. This site is listed under Branding Directory

Design Directory | made by designers for designers

 3D Jobs is not just a faceless website of pages but a network of creative individuals searching to build or join teams to create much stronger teams of creative minds to create mind blowing masterpieces out of this world. 

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Fabbers Market. Get connected to people and businesses across design, engineering, sourcing and manufacturing. Discover new markets and connect with new customers and suppliers. Get quotes. Give quotes. Using our free online business tools and marketplace 

Continuum3D - Skies and Models a 3D resource site Lightwave - Max - 3DS - Maya - Rhino - Vue - Cinema 4D Some available as Bryce and DXF. Rigged and unrigged models for animation. 3D Geometry. 360 degree Skydome, HDRI textures animated and static, free 360 Skies. For free and for sale. is a job forum site for creative and technical jobs in films, video games, multimedia and technology. Artists can search and apply for 3d industry related jobs in 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Post Production, 3D Modeling, Design, Art, Graphics Programming, Information Technology, Software Engineering, Management, Sound and other areas.

Squidfingers for patterns 

3dxmodels is a website dedicated to 3D modeling, directed mainly to architecture.Our models help their views are more detailed, yet saves time, as our 3D models are ready to use.Our models can be purchased individually or in collections, so you buy only what you need.It is important for us to create the models you need, at affordable prices, and to assist in the visualization of their projects. 

Dosis3D - virtual productions
all3dmodels - Models of the week  free downloads 3ds models and much more...
 RockThe3D is a blog site to provide and sharing the best 3d related knowledge and resources around. Focused on the 3d, including 3d software’s, 3d animations, 3d tutorials, 3d games, 3d resources, 3d inspirations and all about 3d is a professional online store specializing in high quality 3D models, and 3D modeling

Publitek, Inc., dba Fotosearch is a provider of royalty free and rights managed stock photography, illustrations, maps, video, and audio. We bring together many different stock agencies to provide "The World's stock photography at one website."™ The products on Fotosearch can be licensed and easily downloaded for use in your advertisements, promotional materials, websites, etc. When you purchase a license to use an image, video clip, or audio clip, you do so based on the license agreement of the publisher of that particular content. 


 Italy’s premiere international event on Computer Graphics, Digital Cinema, 3D Animation, Gaming, VFX and Interactive Techniques, which will take place in Turin from 26th to 29th October, and the VIEWFest, the Computer Animation Festival 

 CG 3D world

Download my 3D models at 3DExport  is a place where you can submit or download free textures, free 3d models in 3d .MAX, .3ds, blender 3d, autocad, maya, cinema 4d, lightwave, all 3d popular formats. You may use these all free textures models / meshes / scenes / graphics in your own work to generate Architectural Rendering, Visualization, games, animations, 2d graphics, print media, web graphics, or as you wish under the license limit by author.
a cg resource from UK with lots of interview/ tutorials and articles Parsons specializes in the experimental side of animation. Sculpt Models sells high quality assets for architectural rendering and VFX. The models include furniture, fixtures and fittings from up-and-coming designers as well as modern classics and  well-known brands.
Photo studio quality HDRI lighting in few clicks for designers and 3D artists. HDRI images ideal for animations, still renders and real-time renders.