Interview Henry Pashkov


Henry Pashkov
Freelance CG artist
Contact:  Taganrog, Russia

What's your name?
Hi.  My name is Henry  Pashkov.  I am 39 years old CG artist. In this moment I am a freelancer. 
Describe a day at work.
Now my working schedule of the day includes approximately 15 hours: 
10 - 12 hours  - design work, and about 2 - 3 hours a day I spend doing CG - journalism - writing articles and lessons for  «Magic CG” – Russia  journal of computer graphics.  I'm also part of the mattepainting site 
When did you start working in 3D and why?
I've been fond of computer graphics since 1998. It was a great hobby until two years ago, when I was lucky enough to get a job in this industry. But I'm mostly a freelancer.
Do you have something that nobody else does?
I mainly work in the field of engineer design, the unusual sci-fi direction. I think we can say that in this area of design everything is unusual.
Who do you think is the best 3D company?
By the nature of the activities I read and write about the works of many companies: ILM, Digital Domain, WETA Digital and many others. Good VFX studio - there's a lot of them. But the first in the list, for me - ILM
Did you receive any awards? If yes, describe the most difficult project.
I don't pay attention to it anymore :).
(Here's Henry's list of awards. )
Nevertheless, I hope that the best is yet to come.
Each new project always seems harder than the previous one but I'm looking forward to any chalenge. 
Where do you see yourself/your company in 5 years?
Working, as usual. Doing more interesting work, that will allow me to prove myself.
What was the biggest challenge you faced in a 3D project?
Backlog capabilities of computer equipment on the flight speed of my thoughts.

Who would you pick to spend a day with?
Oh, there's just so many of them. A list with all of them will take too much space in this interview :-).  But if I would start to write it down it would look like that:
Dylan Cole, Steven Hägg-Ståhlberg, Philip Straub, Jeremy Cook, Tim Warnock, Ron Crabb, Olga Antonenko, Sergey Skachkov,  Soa Lee, Alp Altiner ... and the list goes on...
What's lacking in your portfolio?
Perhaps animation clips. 
What are your next projects? When can we expect to see them?
I'll be involved in some contract projects until summer next year. But of course, I'm always working on personal projects. It's funny how you feel there's no time left, very high load - so much work.
If you had unlimited resources (from artists to money) what would you do?
Implement one of my  life goals - embodied in the form of movies or television series: my  “dream universe”.  With its heroes and history. The history of expansion, formation, development, the ups and downs of a human civilization. Part of this you can see in my works. Many of them already have stories - the background of what is shown in these images.
If your child wants to be a 3D artist what would you tell him?
First, he must create. Actively work in this direction. :) 
Thank you for your questions.  All my best to your readers.