Interview Eduardo Guasque


Eduardo Guasque
3D Architectural Designer

Contact:  London, United Kingdom
Enthusiastic modeller from concept to detail stages of project design. Specially skilled in dealing with large models.

Specialties: AutoCAD, 3dsmax, Vray, Rhino, SketchUp

When did you start working in 3D and why did you start?

I started working with 3d in the year 2000, since then I have worked in a variety of architectural companies, but also had my own company and did freelance, which is what I am doing now. Always following the market tendencies and what suits best.

Do you offer something that nobody else does?

3d for architecture with an engineering point of view, regarding construction implications and respecting the need to innovate in the design side.

What do you think about the 3D freelancers market?

3d is like photography in this aspect, you need many years to build your career and then make decisions about where to go. I don't have a competitor in the corporate sense, only lots of examples everywhere on how wide and advanced 3d is nowadays. Ultimately the profession benefits a lot from the internet and the vast possibilities to exchange knowledge it brings.

Did you receive any awards? If yes, describe the project.

I got a few well dones here and there.

Where do you see yourself/your company in 5 years?

In a hot place driving a convertible and enjoying life.

What was the biggest challenge you faced since you started working in 3D?

To work for the Yas island project, where the new Abu Dhabi Formula 1 race track is now. By far the biggest project I have worked on.

As a member of the design team working in the retail zone I had frequent challenges given the scale and the complexity of the project.

Yas Island - Abu Dhabi

Yas Island Construction Progress


My biggest challenge was and still is to achieve stability in all senses, sometimes i think I got it, but economy is dictating things in the background and technology is speeding in the foreground.

Who would you pick to spend a day with (from your industry)?

A day on Frank Gehry studios would be nice.

What's lacking in your portfolio?

An opportunity to use the full potential of my skills, combining the excitement of good design with the challenge of modelling and resolving the project as whole in a team playing environment. The product would be the best for my portfolio.

If you had unlimited resources (from artists to money) what would you do?

Start a company combining architecture, design and engineering focused on the importance of 3d to bring the three professions together.

If your child wants to be a 3D artist what would you tell him?

Cool, let's get started...