Interview - Simpals


Computer Graphics, Animation and Visual Effects company
Contact:  Republic of Moldova
Phone: : +373-69-155166
Tell us a bit about yourself/ your team/ your company...When did you start to work in 3D and why?
Greetings! What can I say …. I’m a simple guy, born in Ukraine, my parents are from Orenburg. I’ve lived in Moldova since 1996. I’m married and I have a daughter. Now, I’m waiting for my second child. I love snowy winters, tequila and extremes. I would love to create real cartoon films ( as well as all the boys in my team). Our Studio has more than 10 years, three of which we focused on character animation. We became versatile in advertising, clips and other commercial crap but we understand now it’s time to move forward.
The studio was born in ’97 and it was in a one-room apartment near Kishinev. It was there where your obedient servant pored and hollowed the granite 3D sciences for five years. In 2002 Simpals was officially registered (a decent office, then people, big clients) and it’s been a rush ever since!
The initial goal of our studio was very difficult – to survive at any cost. And now we have a different goal – to be the best in the world of animated cartoons.

See their demoreel

DemoReel Simpals from simpals on Vimeo.

What’s the only thing your company has and nobody else has?
Charisma mountains!!!! 
Can you tell us a little about your experience with 3D characters? 
You can find character animation in each one of our works and our first project was an animation with a simple character. But we’ll be able to say that we’re seriously involved in character animation only after we complete our next video which has a frog as a main character. From this point on, we’re going to actively develop in this direction.

Tell us a little about your workflow. How does a 3D project start? How long does it take?
It all begins with an idea and the script, then it follows the storyboard, we start develop the concept art and then it goes directly to the 3D parts manufacture. When we started working on Gypsies (at the very beginning and just for descriptive reasons) we developed the entire scheme on a 3D roller. This method is applicable both to short-length cartoon films and to preview reels. It’s very convenient because you can see each stage of the project.  

Usually each project is unique as well as the time spent for it. One simple preview reel can take one week but The Gipsy project lasted almost 1 year. To sum up, I would say a regular project can last up to 2 months. 

Sound making of from master on Vimeo.

Did you receive any awards? If yes, describe the projects.
Our studio collected many awards; most of them for participating in local competitions but our target are the international contests. In 2002, we won the best special effects in a music-clip at the MTV Music Awards Romania (the band was O-Zone). 
We also won the first place at the Cronograf 2006 festival, for the best preview reel made for a company: Old Miller. 
What’s the project that makes you proud?
The Gypsies 
Tell us a little bit about this project (Gypsies)... how did it start, what was the feedback?
I was on my way to work one day. Suddenly I found myself thinking I don’t like to go there anymore, is not interesting anymore and I get bored doing preview reels and clips. I realized I haven’t seen that spark in my colleagues eyes for a long time. Agencies, clients, pre-production meetings, deadlines and CPS – it was all moving with the speed of light in our studio. Yes we are pro and we never had dissatisfied clients. Except ourselves …
I realized we can’t be just another production house with an interesting portfolio. Damn, I created this company for a different purpose!
I got off the cab, went to the third floor and told the boys in the office: «We’re going to make the first Moldavian 3D cartoon film!»…and that’s how The Gypsies were born.

We have a very detailed blog for the Gypsies project and we post significant events on a regular basis.  


Storyboard from masteron Vimeo.

Animaion from master on Vimeo.

Gypsycartoon: Have a nice day!from master on Vimeo.

What are you working on right now/ future projects?

We spend most of the time working on the Gypsies project and, of course, preview trailers for companies like Orange or Efes Moldova.  
Is it true that you had a meeting with Pixar? Do you see a difference between the American way and the European way? 
Yes, I really was at Pixar Animations. To tell you the truth there’s no difference between the American and the European way. The difference is between studios and contracts. 

Whom would you pick to spend a day with (from the 3D industry)? 
Andrew  Stanton 
What’s your favorite movie? 
Wall-E’s house made with small cubes. 
What do you think it’s lacking in your company?
We don’t have enough money and enough people. This is the only thing stopping us from making a full-length cartoon film… 
If you had unlimited resources (from artists to money) what would you do?
I'll gather all the people from our industry. I will transfer the studio to Antarctic so that nobody disturbs us. I would do all the animated films in the world. 
If your child wants to be a 3D artist what would you tell him/her?
Just dare, it’s all ahead of you! ...and of course I’ll try to help him.