Interview - Jorge Bacellar


Jorge Bacellar
Freelance CG Artist

Contact: Curitiba, Brazil


Tell us a bit about yourself...When did you discover 3D? 
I had my first contact in 2003 as a trainee, retouching images in Platinum Studios (, but it was 2005 the year I got my first job in CG; when I suggested an art director that I can model a CG element for a Coca-Cola campaign.

How’s Brazil? Are you excited about the Olympic Games?
Oh yeah! Beside the Olympic Games, Brazil will also host a soccer world cup, both in just two years. It will be a period of major investments and those who will take advantage of this opportunity will stand out.
What’s the only thing you have and nobody else has?
There is something unique in all of us, life experience. I was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, a big city full of social and cultural contrasts. I had access to a good education, met a lot of people, I traveled thru Europe and this year I moved to Curitiba, the capital of one of the southern states of Brazil where the influence of European colonization remains strong today. Certainly, these experiences make me see, think and do things in a unique way.

Can you tell us a little about your experience in 3D for advertising? 
Like everything in life, working in advertising has a good side and a not-so-good one. On the downside you have the deadlines and the schedules … always tight. The upside is to see the results in the streets and feel the public reaction. It's always interesting to see them exposed in the most unusual places, like when I travel and find an image I made, on a billboard of a gas station in a remote part of Brazil.
How does a 3D project start? How long does it usually take?
It begins with a lot of research, many reference images, looking at books and the Internet. I like to take as much time as possible because that’s when you build the foundation that will support the rest of the project.

More than half of your portfolio focuses on advertising illustrations. How do you balance real-shots with 3D renderings? 
My experience at retouching helped me a lot. Today, since the beginning of the job, even in 3D software, I do everything to improve the final composition. 
How involved are you in a photo-shooting for a commercial?
When necessary, I go to the studio to collect some information about the lighting and camera configuration.
Has computer graphics changed visual advertisement?
Absolutely, but we have to be careful about that. We see weak ideas more than often relying on the ability of CG to make an ad successful.

How much has CG increased in the past few years? Do you think it has changed consumer behavior?
I think it increased significantly in recent years and it’s easy to see, just watch the TV breaks, almost every ad has some CG interference. It's a tool that brings to life the most fantastic things the mind can invent and of course, has the power to affect people emotionally. What more could an advertiser want to influence consumers?
What are you working on right now/ future projects?
Along with advertisers, illustrators, a photographer and a team of web developers I'm working on a philanthropic project. Our objective is to promote the work of a hospital that performs bone marrow transplants. 

What’s your favorite movie?
I would say the first version of Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. I used to watch it several times a day. I believe this movie has influenced me a lot, professionally speaking. If I have to pick a CG movie, I would choose Ratatouille without blinking.
What do you think it’s lacking in your portfolio?
Every time I select an image for my portfolio, I think I could have studied harder and have it done better.
If your child wants to be a 3D artist what would you tell him/her?
Sleep early and don't drink too much coffee!