Interview - Golem Studio


Bogdan Lazar
co-owner and Animation Director of Golem Studio

 From: Bucharest, Romania

Bogdan Lazar is working in animation since 1997. After four years of experience in the video game industry at Phenomedia Germany he returned in Romania and founded They Live Studio company, which later turned into Golem Studio.  
Golem is a studio specialized in 2D and 3D animation, founded by the animators Bogdan Lazar, Catalin Chelu and Mihai Costin. Company portfolio consists of commercials, both animation and special effects. The animation studio team has made animations for various companies such as Nestle, Cadbury, Parmalat, Philip Morris, Betty Ice, European Foods, Coca Cola, Romtelecom, Tuborg, etc.
In the last 5-6 years, Golem Studio has been developing Romanian animation for the local advertising industry. 
Kandia project has received a lot of your attention. Could you give me some details about this advertising?

Bogdan Lazar: We had more time fot this project, for that it has a better quality. We also had creative freedom for the characters so we came up with creative input related to their appearance. I directed this spot. Although for each item we had worked really hard, we worked very well. There was no time pressure. Usually, in purchased advertising time is a great pressure. Here it was more casual. 
Tell me about the Fanta project.

Bogdan Lazar: Fanta characters were created by a renowned studio in New York, Pysop which designate the campaign and created all this new campaign - Fanta for Coca Cola, and automatically it was externalized worldwide. On this occasion we have perfected the techniques of animation, working on a spot with well-defined characters. This project helped us to develop our side of animation, perfecting us as animators. 

What is the animation situation in Romania?
Bogdan Lazar: At this time budgets in Romania are low for animation and special effects. In times of crisis, for local clients, animation is an option to invest less and get interesting effects. I think this is the starting-point. This starting point can lead on to something else. Can develop an industry that does not exist. I mean special effects and animation industry. 
In Romania there are dozens of animators who work in industry and in advertising. The Romanian animator is an artist who wants to make a creative craft and modern art using traditional knowledge. Romanian animator is a self-taught animator. Because there is no Romanian film animation industry, most Romanians animators are freelance animators. 
The solution is very simple: the foundation of a profile education and investment in the field of animation.