Who wants a city?

Procedural Inc., a software company located in Zurich, Switzerland, is home to the world’s foremost procedural modeling technology. With the CityEngine, Procedural Inc.’s graphics experts have created a radically different 3D application that allows the modeling of cities up to 10 times faster than previous solutions, making automatic digital city creation possible for professional users. This makes it a compelling tool for the production of video games, feature films and television series, architectural visualizations and applications for the emerging 3D internet, where consumers expect richer, higher quality digital content for their dollar.

You can create stunning city models in less time with the CityEngine software—the tool of choice for out-ofthe-box 3D modeling of urban environments in the architecture, urban planning, game development, television, and film industries.
The manual design and modeling of city models is extremely time-consuming. With the CityEngine, this
process can be accelerated by magnitudes. The procedural technology at the core of the CityEngine
speeds creative design and production work, and helps artists to deliver higher-quality 3D models of
cities, buildings and streets.
The CityEngine delivers a full suite of innovative industry-leading procedural tools to aggregate
geospatial data, layout and edit street networks, subdivide parcels, generate and modify buildings,
distribute props along streets, control the shape of the skyline, and analyse urban design projects. The
CityEngine provides 3D artists and project teams on the one hand with a unique early-design solution
that enables them to complete pre-visualization projects faster and the other hand with a powerful
parametric modeling solution that enables them to realize design concepts at any required level of
detail and unprecedented high quality.

If you want to try it, here's the free (for a limited time) edition.


They claim they built Rome in one day. “After the Rome building designs had been specified in the CityEngine, generating and exporting the entire city model took exactly 1 hour and 55 minutes,” says Pascal Müller, CEO of Procedural Inc. Thus, Rome actually WAS built in one day…