VrayScatter Improvement


VRayScatter lets VRay generate huge amount of objects in array. Never before within 3ds max user could create scenes with millions objects. With VRayScat- ter user is able to create huge forest areas or even a city with uncountable amount of buildings in two clicks. Quick rendertime generation of objects with optimized RAM management makes process of scene creation as easy as ABC. 

Integrated special procedural map VRayScatterTexture allow to define random color for every objects in the array for pure realistic effect. VRayScatterTexture can be used any object in the scene also.

See how Vray presents it. 

Now there is a unique possibility to create even more complicated and realistic scenes, doing this process easy as never before. Intuitively simple interface, rich possibilities and excellent result. Unbelievable flexibility  of control.  A new generation algorithm was developed and also a new features are available now:

1. Collision object
2. Regular structures with easy control by UVW mapping
3. Along the spline distribution
4. Scattering inside/outside splines
5. Contrast option in VrayScatter texture
6. Camera clipping
7. Offset scattering from splines and geometry edges
8. Custom behavior at the splines and geometry edges
9. Support 3dsmax 2010
10. Asset Tracking connection
11. Most of VrayScatter settings animatable 
12. New demo version

Price of VRayScatter 2.5.5 is € 200. Unlimited rendernode version is for free. 
New version for all users of previous version is for free. 
Works with license from any versions from 2.0 and above.