Shoot with trail


For this tutorial you need one light source of type omni, and a Trail plugin from mr Kuznetsova ( is required to you. Notice absolutely free-of-charge (hope it such and remains.)
1. So we create a light source. It also will be a basis of our plasma blast.
Basically it is possible to use not only a source of illumination for creation of "blast" with the help of this plug-in.

You can see the detailed description of a plug-in here. First of all for high quality "blast", change parameter Particle Quantity to 2000.

As in space any kind of energy (on an extreme measure from known to a modern science) fades, put in bookmark Brightness --> Final - we shall tell 30. And displace parameter Initial/Fial Balance up to a mark 0,75.

You'll receive following result:

Animate it (the omni).
Simply make small movement of object "blast" way.
If all of you have done it right you should have the following result. 

Ref.: Henry Pashkov tutorials