Scan yourself in 3D

 Quickly create visually accurate, full color 3D models from physical media.

Sculpt physical characters by hand and bring them to life in your animation project. Capture human faces with amazing detail, and achieve a level of realism not possible with other methods.
The included ScanStudio HD software can reduce polygon count while preserving quality. ScanStudio exports OBJ, VRML, STL and other standard mesh file formats. 3rd party software can be used to re-topologize your models into sub-divisions and then rig them for animation.
Quickly measure complex and organic shapes to speed design in your favorite CAD system.
Out of the box, the scanner produces 3D mesh files that you can use as an accurate reference for your CAD drawings. If you upgrade to ScanStudio CAD TOOLS, you can quickly export NURBS surfaces or splines that can be lofted in your CAD software.
The advanced CAD tools in RapidWorks allow you to convert your scans into solid models. RapidWorks simplifies this process by automatically recognizing features of interest and snapping to the scan as you draw. When you're ready, you can transfer directly to SolidWorks with feature tree intact, and save as SLDPRT. 
And they even have a famous person supporting them. But I'll let you discover who.