2010 Cars

The Audi Avatar Concept is a futuristic 3-seat electric supercar inspired by the modern racing videogames and by the 1937 Auto Union Type C Streamline with an aerodynamic exterior with three glass canopies. The author is Australian designer Edwin Conan.The Audi Avatar Concept is a futuristic 3-seat electric supercar designed by Australian Edwin Conan to provide drivers of 2032 the joy of driving that they had playing racing games when they were kids.
Inspired by the 1937 Auto Union Type C Streamline racing car, the Avatar Concept is the 21st century avatar of its ancestor.
Long range supercharge-ion battery driving 4 powerful in-wheel electric motors, together with ultra light aerodynamic body, enable the car to accelerate from 0-100km/h in 2.9s, reach top speed of more than 360km/h with nimble and agile handling.
The exterior design of the car is inspired by the form of fabric blown in the wind. The form also carries traces ofthe historical Auto Union Type C Streamline racer.There are no conventional doors on the car, but instead, inspired by the jet fighters, there are three glass canopies. The main canopy opens forward together with the steering wheel and the dashboard; the two passengers’ canopies open backwards; and a side panel on the bodywork opens downwards to act as a step, making the event of getting in and out of the cockpit very special and easy.

The MINI Beachcomber Concept is a four-seater concept with an open body and focused on versatiliy and open air activities. It is based on the MINI Crossover and inspired by the Mini Moke from the 1960s. It will make its dubut at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show.
Based on the MINI crossover vehicle that will be launched later this year in markets outside of North America, the MINI Beachcomber Concept will be presented by MINI at the North American International Auto Show (16–24 January 2010) in Detroit. The MINI Beachcomber Concept is a four-seater concept car designed for maximum driving pleasure, incorporating key features of the new MINI and combining them with the vision of a radically open body concept.
Among the feature are a new all-wheel drive system, ALL4, advanced suspension technology, an elevated seating position and a flexible interior.
It is designed without doors or a conventional roof, and all other body elements that could limit the intensity of the occupants’ encounter with their surrounding world.

Aston Martin has released the first official photos of the Cygnet premium commuter, the compact vehicle based on the Toyota iQ and inspired by luxury yacht tenders which could enter production in 2010. According to the British carmaker the concept is currently under development and during 2010 it could become a production reality initially available to Aston Martin customers in the UK and Europe.

Audibleyes ALS Concept - "The Eyes of Audi" - is a design study of a futuristic vehicle based on the "Automotive Lighting Sculpture". It features an artificial lighting system which creates a unique look of the exterior. It was created by Bulgarian Teodor Kyuchukov. 
The abbreviation ALS stands for the term "Automotive Lighting Sculpture" - a creative method that uses artificial lighting systems (LED technology) to make the car body recognizable at night. The application of this philosophy to the design process provides a higher level of creative freedom in using techniques for drawing the outlines of the vehicles.
"Audibleyes" received the special prize at the Desire Design Contest 2009 organized by Domus Academy & Audi. It combines Audi's monolithic formal language with the theme of "The Eyes of Audi". The project was developed under the promotion of Prof. Cvetomir Konov and Prof. Dr. Radoslav Kyuchukov - University of Ruse, Bulgaria.

Local Motors has announced its new contest, named Alaska Motors Competition, which is focused on creativity and asks participants to design a conceptual vehicle for a futuristic race in the year 2013. The submission deadline is 30 December 2009. The latest design contest from Local Motors asks to design a futuristic vehicle for a fictional Alaskan race: "The Wrangell Mountain Extreme Challenge".
This new competition is quite different from the previous ones. First, this competition is open to members 13 and over. Second, the winning design will NOT be considered for production, which means that designers can go "as wild as they want".
"We have created a fictional race to help push your imagination. We are looking for highly conceptual, interesting designs."
In addition, the competition places a heavy emphasis on hand sketching/ light rendering. "We highly encourage the use of pen and pencils, however marker/ water-color renderings as well as Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop renderings are also allowed."
The submission deadline is 30 December 2009.

First Place: Wacom Intuos 4 Large Graphics Tablet
Second Place: Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet + one (1) License for Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2010
Third Place: Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet.
For more information visit Local Motors.

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