Alice in Wonderland

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Although this film is still being released by Disney, it will be separate from Disney's 1951 animated version.

On November 17th, 2007, when this project was originally announced, Tim Burton said that he will be trying to stay true to the original stories' essence. Burton later went on to say that he had always felt that the other cinematic versions of Alice In Wonderland were incomplete.

As reported in USA Today on June 21st, 2009, the story is:

Alice is now 17 years old. She attends a party at a Victorian estate. She is proposed to and surrounded by hordes of stuck-up aristocrats. In a desperate escape, she slips away, and, led by The White Rabbit, but unexpectedly finds herself transported to a very curious world. Wonderland, a once peaceful kingdom, has become nightmarish under the reign of the wicked The Queen of Hearts, who overthrew her sister, the White Queen. Apparently, Alice had visited Wonderland 10 years before, but had forgotten. The residents of this strange new world have not been so forgetful, however. The creatures of Wonderland, ready to revolt, wait for Alice to help them.

This movie will use both live actors and motion capture technology. In addition, since the film is being produced by Disney, Burton hopes to have Alice in Wonderland released as a 3D movie, similar to his annual Halloween release of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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