3D in Industrial Fields

Product Animations is trying to change the way a man is using a machine.

....through 3D. They focuse on proving that hands-on learning is not always a practical solution.

Employees who are trained by actually performing the job function are better-trained employees. It can be costly, takes time for both the employee being trained and the trainer, and may require taking equipment off-line. A simulated learning environment provides your employees with the tools they need to effectively learn how to perform even the most complicated operations. Product Animations, Inc. (PAI) Productivity Improvement Tools create an interactive, 3-D virtual environment that allows operators of complex machinery to clearly visualizeprocesses and simulate real-life situations   
PAI uses its proprietary software to convert standard operating procedures, 3D models, and animations into powerful, yet affordable, virtual machine simulations. These virtual machines promote performance efficiency by providing operators of production, processing, and packaging machines with the best practice SOP. Whether you are training employees to operate complex machinery on a regular basis, or to perform maintenance that only takes place infrequently, PAI Productivity Improvement Tools can enhance productivity and minimize downtime. 
Immerse Your Employees in the Training Environment  
Each virtual reality interactive training tool employs a progressive training methodology with 3 fully interactive, immersive modes to teach about the parts:

Reference identification
Practice identification
Test identification

At each step, employees have the opportunity to learn about critical machine areas, components, and tooling involved in the procedure. After employees learn about the parts, they next learn the activities involved in completing the procedure. Specific steps are taught through a series of 3D animations designed to simulate an actual, real world situation.


Take a look at their proprietary software.