3D in Advertising

3D in Advertising
Pepsi Commercial Airs on Glasses-free 3D Displays in Dutch Supermarkets.
Within the next few months, multiple xyZ 3D Displays will be rotating through a large number of supermarkets in The Netherlands, showing a unique 3D commercial of the “Pepsi Foot Volley” campaign.

On request of Vrumona (the Dutch producer of Pepsi a.o.), Zero Creative has converted the existing “Foot Volley” commercial into a 3D version. This 3D commercial will generate additional attention for the famous cola brand. Using the latest 3D technology, various objects literally jump out of the screen toward the shopping audience. Because the 3D image is perfectly visible without the need for 3D-glasses, this effect is a sure attention-getter, according to the company.

The company added that it expects more and more marketing campaigns and digital signage initiatives to take advantage of the power that autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays provide. 

“3D is a very hot subject in the world of new media, and everyone wants to do ‘something’ with it,” said Jean-Pierre van Maasakker, CEO of Zero Creative, based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. “This project confirms that our client, Vrumona, is a leader in marketing innovation that already deploys new marketing tools that other companies haven’t even discovered.” 

Vrumona is a full subsidiary of Heineken and one of the biggest producers of sodas, juices and waters in the Netherlands. The company produces brands such as Pepsi, 7UP, Rivella and many others.

Zero Creative is specialized in 3D experiences and creates interactive real-time 3D presentations. Besides innovative content, the media company also offers her unique autostereoscopic xyZ 3D Displays, based on lenticular technology. These LCD displays deliver a bright, clear 3D effect, without the need of special 3D glasses.